The Sims 4: A Glance at The Latest DLC, New Patch Brings in New Interaction Prompts, PS4 and Xbox Versions Coming Soon, And More

The much awaited Get Together DLC has finally arrived for the popular life simulation game The Sims 4. The DLC is currently available for PC and MAC in North America. The expansion pack brings forth a lot of new aspects and elements to the game, the ability to create Clubs being a standout amongst all of them.

The beautiful European themed world of Windenburg is a major addition to the game through the DLC. The update will allow players to roam about in the picturesque city of Windenburg and engage in various kinds of activities that include creating clubs and other day-to-day functions.

The Club creation feature is a brand new aspect which will let players to create different kinds of Clubs with like-minded Sims.

Lyndsay Pearson, the senior producer of the game had earlier stated in a press conference that The Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack will incorporate a brand new way to play life with the introduction of the Club creation feature to the game.

This new aspect will allow players to bring together Sims who share similar views and interests. Players will be able to control these groups of Sims and encourage them to take part in various activities of the Club.

A Sim can be a member of more than a single Club and these Clubs could feature the Sims created by the players as well as the other AI Sims of the game.

When in a Club, the Sims will be encouraged to follow the rules of the Club and behave in accordance to the requirements of it, this will enable these Sims to break out of their comfort zone and try to be someone who is a bit different than who they normally are.

Club meetings can be called at any times and these meetings can take place at the home of the Club members or any other designated meeting places like bars or nightclubs.

Successful completion of Club activities will grant Club Points to the Sims which could be used to unlock certain in-game Club Perks that include Club Vibes perk and the Secret Hand Shakes perk.

Players will be able to choose from a list of over 100 activities that they wish to perform in the different types of Clubs.

A brand new “together” command will allow players to bring groups of Sims together at a place and engage them in different types of activities like having a meal together, taking a dip in the hot water tub together and more.

Two new professions will be brought forward by the Get Together DLC and these are DJing and Dancing. With the addition of these new professions, certain other new elements will also make an appearance in the game which includes DJ booths and Dance floors.

Initially, players will be able to access lower level stuff and equipment but with an advancement in the game, players will reach higher skill levels, which will unlock higher level equipment that can be purchased in-game.

In other news, a new patch for the game was recently released by the developers that brought about certain minor change to the game alongside some new elements. Some of the introductions include The Pool Venue and a new violet color for the water of the pool.

The patch will also work towards fixing bugs and errors in the game and will update some elements of the UI. The relationship inspector and the section of the World Maps are two of the UI elements set to get an update through the patch.

New interaction prompts have been introduced through the patch which will allow players to interact with certain objects at a whole new level. Interaction with the massage table will allow players to hire masseuses for the Sims; In the same way, the new fridge interaction prompt will let players hire a caterer in the game.