Android 6.0 Marshmallow: Motorola Moto X Style Ready to Receive Update, Sony, HTC, Samsung, LG Among Other Companies to Roll Out Update in the Near Future, And More Details

The latest version of Android OS, the Android 6.0 marshmallow is set to arrive on the Moto X Style smartphone from Motorola. The Moto X Style which is known as the Moto X Pure Edition in the U.S. is the international version of the latter.

The update will be rolled out over-the-air or OTA and it is already available to some users of the said smartphone in the European region.

The Moto X Pure Edition has already received the Marshmallow update and this has increased the anticipation for the update among users. It is expected to come with a download size of 650mb.

The Android Marshmallow 6.0 made its appearance back in May at the Google I/O. The Nexus series of smartphones were the first to receive the update starting from October.Motorola had previously

Motorola had previously rushed into introducing the Lollipop update for their devices when it was launched and this resulted in faulty updates which caused a lot of problem for the users.

The company seems to have learnt a lesson from their previous mistake and is taking ample time before rolling out the Marshmallow update for their devices.

The update will bring in a series of new features and improvements, the Dose being a standout amongst them. The Dose is a battery-saving mode that will put the device in a deep sleep-like state during which it will not receive any notifications.

The Moto Display will also be deactivated during this state. This feature will also work towards improving and enhancing the standby time of the device.

The app permission will also get reworked after the update; users will be able to provide permissions to apps on a case to case basis after their device is upgraded to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Android Pay which is a brand new mobile payment platform will also come with the upgrade along with enhanced microSD card readers support.

A detailed changelog has not yet been published by Motorola, but it is being believed that along with the improvements and new features, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update will also bring some bugs and error fixes to the Motorola Moto X Style.

Another flagship device, the LG G4 is set to receive the Android update in the recent future. While the Nexus series has already started receiving the Android 6.0.1 OTA, the LG G4 is yet to receive the Android 6.0 update.

The unlocked LG G4 will reportedly receive the update starting from the beginning of the next year. However, it is being assumed that the update will arrive at a later date for the carrier versions of the same device.

There have been no official announcements from LG regarding the Marshmallow update for the LG G4 as of yet. However, considering the fact that the company has already started testing the update on the device in the European and Asian regions, it could be safely assumed that a US launch of the update is all but just a matter of time at the moment.

In other news regarding Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it has been reported by HTC One M8 users that the flagship smartphone from HTC has already begun to receive the update OTA.

Mo Versi, the Vice President of Product Management at HTC backed up this claim by giving confirmation to it on his Twitter account. The Galaxy Note 5 users will be the first Samsung smartphone users to get a taste of the brand new OS.

The update for the Note 5 will reportedly arrive at some point during the ongoing month. Three more flagship models from the South Korean tech giant, the Samsung Galaxy S6, the S6 Edge and the S6 Edge+ are also geared up to receive the update in January 2016.