Demi Lovato: Falls Down On Stage at the Jingle Bell Show, Receives an Award and Fends Off Rumors About Her Secret Marriage!

Demi Lovato took a massive fall in the middle of the stage while performing at the Jingle Ball organized by iHeartRadio Z100.

The 23-year-old singer was just about to wrap up her performance when she tumbled in front of thousands of fans. The performance at Madison Square Garden was a huge success and then things took a turn for the worse.

Demi Lovato had just thanked her fans for being there to support her when she tripped on the mic stand on stage and had a bad fall. She was about to leave the stage when the mishap happened.

There were numerous recording cameras focused on her during the performance, but since she was leaving the stage, the cameras had all panned out and she wasn’t in their line of vision. When the news of the fall spread and the cameras focused on her, the incident had already happened.

With thousands of fans documenting the event there were numerous videos showing Demi Lovato falling. One of them shows Demi Lovato lying on the stage with her legs and arms flailing.

Demi Lovato didn’t manage to stop her fall, but she saw the funny quotient in the whole incident and was seen laughing away as she lay flat on the stage.

A stage helped rushed to pick the mic stand and help her up on her two feet, but she managed to pull herself up on her knees. She faced the fans and fist pumped at them. The fans cheered her on and the whole incident was forgotten.

Demi Lovato realized that there is nothing wrong in falling down on stage and she took to Twitter to post that it is only the cool kids who fall on stage.

With this move, she connected further with the fans who have had such embarrassing moments in their lives and said that there is nothing to be ashamed about all these, since they keep happening.

This wasn’t the first time that the singer had fallen down while making a public appearance. She had fallen on stage earlier this year in July when she was performing for the promotion of Cool for the Summer.

The event was hosted by KIIS FM and was a pool party. Demi Lovato again slipped on stage and fell in front of the whole crowd and she later tweeted about the incident saying that it can’t be called a tour and one can’t be called cool for the summer if they didn’t bust their ass.

Demi Lovato was a part of the all-star line-up at the Jingle Bell ball for the Christmas and she was joined by DJ Zedd, Selena Gomez, Fifth Harmony and Fetty Wap.

However, it wasn’t a good weekend for her since she fell flat in front of the whole crowd at Madison Square Garden and later took to Twitter to share that she didn’t feel too well and was bored.

2015 turned out to be quite a great year for Demi Lovato. She received the Rulebreaker award at the Billboard’s 2015 Women in Music award on 11th December. She has completely transformed herself and has brought out some amazing singles and she deserved the award.

While receiving the award, Demi Lovato said that the change that has come in her image and music is not an intentional one and it makes her feel great that people have actually noticed it.

While talking to Billboard after collecting the award at the Cipriani Midtown, Demi Lovato said that she felt good when people appreciated her for being herself. Lovato sang Stone Cold after receiving the award.