The Satiric Saga of Lies and Manipulation Returns for Its Second Run in Unreal Season 2!

We are already familiar with Rachel’s Change-The-World notion from season one. This season further provides the viewers with an opportunity to explore the nuances of Appleby’s character. Who is battling a conflict not just internal but physical as well and occasionally is met with delusion, desperation and pain, aided by her self-destructive tendencies.

It appears that Shapiro and Noxon have stuck to their winning formula of writing, which they followed last season. There was much speculation after the first season ended, that the execs might experiment with the writing and introduce different elements to the show.

However, they pragmatically went with their wise guts and stuck to the model where, Quinn and Rachel casts characters into their show with a potential to cause dramas with their fellow competitors as well as the suitor; only to find in the end no one is as simple as they seem, even themselves.

UnREAL Season 2 has lost a flurry of its previously starred cast of attention-grabbing performance deliverers like, Johanna Braddy, Ashley Scott, Nathalie Kelley and Breeda Wool.

Only to stock up on another host of new faces. Some of the interesting ones being, the NFL owner’s daughter Tiffany (Kim Matula), the Confederacy supporting Beth Ann (Lindsay Musil) and the activist Ruby (Denee Benton).

Keep an eye out for this stomach churning show as Rachel and Quinn go to any lengths to make the show the number one on the network. Stay tuned for more updates.