Ariana Grande Sports Her New Blonde Look, Big Sean Throw Shades at Her, Doppelganger Makes the World Believe That She Is Grande!

Ariana Grande has unveiled her new look for the summer and the Dangerous Woman singer has decided to color her hair, blonde. Ariana Grande has bid goodbye to her dark hair and has gotten golden highlights. Self has reported that this wouldn’t be the first time that Ariana Grande has highlighted her hair, but the blonde highlight is surely a first for her.

There is recently a trend where every female celebrity is going for a blonde look, but it looks like Ariana Grande is not going to join the trend and go for an all washed out blonde hair. She has decided to go for streaks that have darker roots. The end of her strands have the shade of platinum blonde, which is the preferred choice for both Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift.

Ariana Grande had previously gone for a blonde look for Focus album, but the singer had opted for a wig back then. However, she might have liked the look a lot and hence has now decided to go ahead with the hair make-over permanently.

While Ariana Grande has clearly changed the color of her and has always been open to it, she is in no mood to go for a changed hair style. She likes her straight flowing locks and prefers to keep them that way.

Us Magazine reported that Ariana Grande had been inspired for the new look by her grandmother. Grande revealed that she was sitting with her grandmother, when she got the idea to get her hair made in all white or in a similar shade.

The singer is currently on a break before she takes to the stage in Paris for her Dangerous Woman tour and she took to Snapchat to share her new hair color.

Teen Vogue reported that Elizabeth Olsen had copied Ariana Grande’s half up hair-do at the CFDA Awards. The Olsen sisters have been gifted with the perfect beach blonde hair, which they can work out any way they want to.

Mark Townsend, the hair guru, is the one who keeps their hair manageable and looking good and he decided to make Elizabeth Olsen copy the perfect summer hairstyle for the award ceremony.

While Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen kept their hair open, Mark Townsend made Elizabeth Olsen go for a compromise. He kept some part of her hair up in a super-high pony while keeping the other half open.

This has been the look of the season and has been sported by Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid. While they have sported it outside the red carpet, Elizabeth Olsen made sure that the same look made a mark in the red carpet as well.

Ariana Grande and Big Sean’s romance is over and it is not a secret that the two aren’t cordial with each other. Big Sean recently threw some shade at her. Big Sean is making an appearance in Kanye West’s new single and he rapped for the Cruel Winter compilation with hints at how he has moved on from his past.

Ariana Grande had hooked up with Ricky Alvarez right after she had split with Big Sean. While Ariana Grande hasn’t mentioned Big Sean in any of her interviews, she has made it evident that she is enjoying a healthy life. Big Sean had himself joined hands with Justin Bieber after the latter had a tiff with Ariana Grande on the social media.