Visual Album Lemonade Sued by Short Film-Maker Matthew Fulks, Beyoncé Sneezes During Her Formation Tour!

Beyoncé has been sued by filmmaker Matthew Fulks over the claim that her trailer for Lemonade has been borrowed heavily from his short film, Palinoia. The visual album Lemonade has a number of scenes that are very similar to the short film.

The Guardian reported that Matthew Fulks has come out to claim that some of the members of Beyoncé’s crew had watched the screening of the film and he claims that they have incorporated some of the ideas into their new visual album.

The case has been filed keeping in mind the fact that several aesthetic aspects from the Palinoia has been copied in the Lemonade trailer. The content in question are very similar to the original work and their coordination and arrangement.

Fulks is the creative director of WDRB while at the same time being an independent film-maker. He was asked to make a video and signed into Columbia. The same group works with Beyoncé and the link for the film was sent to them all.

Bryan Younce, the director of Beyoncé’s Lemonade trailer, is also the vice president of video production at Columbia. Faulks has filed a complaint claiming that there are nine visual moments where the Lemonade trailer is similar to Palinoia.

The audio and visual montages of the two aesthetic product are quite similar and there is no doubt that Palinoia was the basis for some inspiration.

Beyoncé has always been very different from the other celebrities. The singer took to Citi Field for her Formation tour and she started the event addressing the back-up dancers behind her. This is something completely new, where the star addressed the dancers before embarking into her performance for the night.

Those who have watched the Formation tour would say how Beyoncé would often be the only one performing onstage, with the dancers coming in at regular intervals. At time there would be two of them together or as many as twenty of them on stage. It should be mentioned that the backup dancers for Beyoncé are all women and they seem to showcase her strength as a woman and that women need each other to go forward in life.

Beyoncé’s songs are all about the female power and she makes it very clear that there are no weak women. The dancers are Beyoncé’s mirror image and they do exactly as she does, sending the picture that what Beyoncé does will be adopted by all the women at large.

The backup dancers of Beyoncé are usually a visual amplifier to Beyoncé since they wear the same outfits and act in the same manner.

Beyoncé’s upcoming album, Lemonade is all about infidelity and betrayal of women in the hands of men and the pop diva is successful in sending the powerful message to the crowd with the visual aid of the trailer of the upcoming album.

While Beyoncé’s concerts are always fun filled, there was something highly interesting that the fans got to witness at Citi Field. Before the songstress could start performing Love On Top, she paused for a while and sneezed. This caused the whole audience to erupt into a Bless You, which was followed by a loud cheer.

The real reason for the excitement of the fans after the sneeze from Beyoncé was the fact that it made her a real human being. There is seldom any moment that the fans get to connect with their idols and this was a moment when the fans saw how real Beyoncé is and that she is like everyone else.