Ariana Grande Sports Her New Blonde Look, Big Sean Throw Shades at Her, Doppelganger Makes the World Believe That She Is Grande!

Justin Bieber had complimented Ariana Grande on her photo and Ariana had addressed him as Satan. After this, Justin Bieber and Big Sean even performed together and the fans had felt that the two of them had dissed Grande in their performance. However, it looks like the feud between Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber is over since the latter complimented her new album.

Ariana Grande had refused to write a break up song after her split with Big Sean. She had said that she has moved on and hence didn’t see the need for it. However, now with Big Sean dissing her in Kanye West’s album and taking photos with Jhene Aiko on his lap, Hollywood Life reported that fans feel that Ariana Grande should write a break up song.

In a prank played by a doppelganger website, a teenager from Netherlands, convinced the world that she was Ariana Grande. got 15-year-old Joelle from Netherlands to fly to Dublin city and get the world to believe that she is the Latin diva.

While Joelle was a bit nervous about flying to a new city and pretending to be a celebrity, she agreed to the whole challenge since it sounded exciting and gave her opportunity to try something different. The website had already leaked a photo making fans believe that Ariana Grande would be flying through Dublin.

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