True Detective Renewed for Season 3, Will Nic Pizzolatto Agree to a Third Season? Let’s See!

True Detective was a popular star-studded show and fans really freaked out when reports emerged, saying that the show has been canceled. However, in reality, the show has been renewed till 2018! Hallelujah! Not just that, they are also searching for a new showrunner for Season 3.

There was a recent HBO ad which shows all the other shows that have already been concluded and a part of the ad includes a glimpse True Detective.

According to Fansided, season 1 was not shown in the ad. It would have been the correct move in case the series was really over. In that case, HBO would have preferred including a clip from the first season, since it was more appreciated than its successor.

True Detective is technically over unless there is an official renewal. We have no idea when Season 3 will emerge but you can hope that it will.

True Detective Season 1 received positive reviews but things were quite the opposite with the second season. However, HBO still gave this series another chance and now; reports suggest that the contract has been extended till 2018.

The Executive Producer of True Detective, Nic Pizzolatto, has numerous projects waiting on him. Hence, what is going to happen to True Detective?

Indiewire reported that Nic is still thinking about whether he really wants to push out the third season. The contract might say that he can but HBO would prefer that Nic focuses on his new shows.

It seems like the success or failure of True Detective on the scenes behind the camera. The things which took place behind the scenes are responsible for the difference between True Detective Season 1 and Season 2.

Back in True Detective Season 1, Nic Pizzolatto worked closely with Cary Fukunaga, the producer. He was well involved in the complete story of the show. In season 2 however, Nic worked alone in the Rachel McAdams-Colin Farrell edition.

For season 3, Nic was given full authority, which means that he can get new writers and a showrunner among others or he can simply choose to work alone again.

Regarding True Detective Season 3, there are various reports roaming around. Earlier, it was reported that even if HBO and Pizzolatto are still together, the latter will decide whether he still wishes to continue with it. He will always have the final word.

There are three possible options that have been offered by the network to the executive producer cum show’s writer. He can have a new showrunner, get extra writers or end up doing it all alone, similar to season 2. HBO made it clear that whatever Nic chooses, he still remains the executive producer.

Michael Lombardo, the new chief of programming for HBO, acknowledged the fact that the company had things to do regarding Season 2’s ratings. Pizzolatto was forced to meet a specific airdate. It gave rise to quality compromise in the end.

Lombardo said that he doesn’t know whether he should consider True Detective Season 2 as one of their biggest failures but when they ask someone to meet a specific airdate instead of allowing the script to be naturally completed over time, they have already failed.

He further added that in the first case of True Detective Season 1, Nic had been planning about it for a long amount of time. Nic is a soulful writer and what he did was impressive. Lombardo said that what Nic did was phenomenal.

He took the blame and admitted that he became too much of a network executive and simply wanted another major success next year. In the meantime, fans of True Detective will need to keep waiting till Season 3 is announced. We simply need Nic Pizzolatto to make up his mind.