True Detective Renewed for Season 3, Will Nic Pizzolatto Agree to a Third Season? Let’s See!

True Detective fans were left curious back in April when the series was enlisted by HBO as part of its complete series. It gave rise to rumors that season 2 was the end and there would be no upcoming season 3.

According to some fans, HBO simply covered clips from the 2nd season while according to others, HBO simply referred to the show as a complete, season-wise.

In the meantime, Nic already admitted that it was his and the network’s fault. As a True Detective fan myself, I don’t consider the second season to be too bad compared to the first one. Of course, nothing beats Rust Cohle and his wisdom.

Season 1 felt like it was something out-of-the-world. The second season did pale in comparison to that. However, with the network admitting its mistakes, Pizzolatto should gear up for another season of True Detective. I don’t know about others but as a fan myself; I would love a third season.

What are your thoughts on a season 3 for True Detective? Stay tuned for more updates on this topic!