The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Salman Khan to Join Expendables 4!

When it comes to updates and news involving Expendables, Sylvester Stallone is the person you need to go to but sadly, it’s been pretty quiet off late. Thankfully, there are other ways through which one can get updates of Expendables 4.

There have been a lot of rumors and hints involving the movie but recent reports indicated a confirmation on the production of Expendables 4. According to Variety, NU Image / Millennium and SP International Pictures have struck up a distribution deal and they were responsible for representing SSXH Beijing and Max Screen Film Distribution.

Chinese Distribution Rights were discussed as a part of this deal along with equity investments in Expendables 4. The option to have various segments of the movie to be shot in China was also included in this particular deal. Meanwhile, there have been a lot of rumors regarding possible cast additions.

The main cast of Expendables 4 pretty much remains the same with Hollywood badasses like Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Terry Crews. They are more than interested in reprising their roles in the upcoming movie. There are new cast members that are being linked in the upcoming movie as well.

The rumor of Dwayne Johnson was started by a Reddit AMA. It all started when a fan asked whether Rock was going to be a part of Expendables 4 and the Rock answered that he’ll only be interested if he gets to play as the main villain in this film.

Meanwhile, Jackie Chan has answered all the rumors regarding his addition in Expendables 4 and from the looks of it, Sylvester Stallone really wants him to join the franchise and has been trying to do it since the second film in the Expendables franchise.

However, he did not wish to join the movie in case all he did was appear in a cameo role. Meanwhile, there is still no confirmed release date for Expendables 4 but rumors indicate that filming would commence from 2016 with a release date target of 2017.

Meanwhile, there are rumors which indicate that Salman Khan will be joining the cast in Expendables 4 and it seems like Sylvester Stallone is getting ready for his first Bollywood debut. One thing is clear that Sly is quite interested in Salman Khan and seriously wants him to join the cast.

We might see Salman Khan, flexing his muscles and sporting his charm beside the main star of the million-dollar franchise, Sylvester Stallone. The present batch of rumors indicates that Salman Khan was approached with the offer of a lifetime that wants him to play a role in the upcoming Expendables 4.

Salman Khan is a pretty busy actor and presently spends his weekends in the Indian Big Boss 9 House. There hasn’t been a public confirmation on his part yet.

According to the official tweet by Sly, he is quite impressed with the massive devoted fan-base of Salman Khan and further declared that a great action film requires many great fans that support him.

He further added tantalizingly, ‘Maybe the new Expendables”. Meanwhile, some bromance erupted between the two when Salman Khan appreciated Sly’s gesture and decided to give a shout-out to his new movie, Creed, declaring it ‘amazing as always’.

Sly thanked Salman in return, for the compliment about his new movie, Creed and declared that he looks forward to meeting him soon. Meanwhile, present rumors indicate that Sylvester Stallone is all set to make his first Bollywood debut by playing Salman’s trainer in his upcoming movie, Sultan.