The Real Life “Nanavati Murder Case” Depiction, Rustom Is Set To Steal Away Audiences’ Attentions, Breaking Records Of The Prior 2016 Movies

She further put forward her disappointment stating that she is receiving hate when she puts forth her views and thoughts on social media, which is not what freedom depicts.

She expressed herself saying that she doesn’t intend on insulting someone but she believes in the freedom of speech and equality, and that real freedom won’t come around until that can happen.

Some media tabloids have pointed out that the depiction of the real life committed crime seems to be a bit over-hyped and pretentious, not to mention the comical dialogue exchanges between the judge and the editor that take place in the second half of the movie.

It was not just the acting and the story line, but also the costumes that were being mocked by the audiences, who clearly mentioned and pointed out the discrepancies in the white navy costume that Akshay wore.

While several memes regarding the discrepancies have been floating around, Journalist Sandeep Unnithan has pinpointed the errors in the navy uniform with the help of a widely spread picture in social media.

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