The Real Life “Nanavati Murder Case” Depiction, Rustom Is Set To Steal Away Audiences’ Attentions, Breaking Records Of The Prior 2016 Movies

Unfamiliar with the “Nanavati Murder Case” and it then being written into several books and even movies? Well, if you love real life depiction of a happenstance along with the perfect amount of thrill and the apt plot line – and of course Akshay Kumar – Rustom is the answer to all your desires.

Based loosely on the “Nanavati Murder Case”, Rustom has grabbed people’s attention with its storyline and people’s curiosity with the history of the Nanavati case.

While the general public only knows about the overview of the crime that took place in real life, the movie is set to let you know more about the same in depth.

And it looks like the movie has not only received critic appreciation but is doing great work at the box office. Just five days since its release, this movie is very close to touching the 100 crore benchmark.

The movie, which was released on August 12 2016, has grossed an amount of Rs. 75.90 cr up until today, so the statistics tell us. The reviewers have very well stated that the movie is indeed doing a very good job at the box office even with Monday August 15 included in between, which was a national holiday on account of Independence Day.

Although the film’s collection went down a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday due to those days being working days for the majority of viewers, the collection is assumed to go up again with Rakshabandhan and more festivals that are on the way.

The movie has been ranked as the second highest first weekend grosser of 2016, after Salman Khan’s Sultan, although Sultan has been leading the box office with quite a massive lead with Rs. 180.36 cr in the first five days.

Rustom was filmed on a budget of Rs. 50 cr, proving yet again that Akshay Kumar has indeed mastered the game of making movies within a comparatively lower budget that still steal the audiences’ attention.

Even with the box office clash with Ashutosh Gowariker’s historical representation titled “Mohenjo Daro” starring Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde, Rustom has managed to stake its claim at the box office.

Aside from the great box office achievements in the first few days, the lack of seriousness in the second half of the movie that mainly revolves around the courtroom has made critics point this out as one of the probable downsides of the movie.

Even with all the expected thrill fizzing away in the second half of the movie, film critics and movie reviewers have stated that the character of Commander Rustom Pavris is one of the best performances of Akshay Kumar.

The disappointment about the second part of the movie not being up to the mark has been evident when the most important part of the movie was depicted in the second half.

While several flaws were being pointed out, recent reports have shown that Rustom had broken the first Monday records of not only Shahrukh Khan’s “Fan” but also Salman Khan’s Sultan. Looks like Akki is now on the roll, and people need to double check before putting him down in comparison to the Khans.

While Akshay Kumar’s white navy uniform act provided enough thrills and frills for the audiences, actress Ileana D’Cruz shared her thoughts when asked about what defines freedom for her.

The Barfi actor briskly mentioned that according to her, a person is completely free when they are free to express whatever goes on in their mind. She further added that she would consider herself completely free when she gets to say what she wants without being judged and attacked for it.