Donald Trump Is In For A Rough Time Ahead Amidst Constant Downfalls In the Polls, Hilary Clinton Still Ahead With A Remarkable Lead

There has been much hassle encircling the 2016 US Elections, be it Russia trying to breach the security of the campaigns, or in all the questioning regarding the capabilities of who should and shouldn’t be the next elected president.

Either way, Donald Trump is one of the nominees for the President of the United States in the 2016 elections whose popularity has been downsizing with each passing day.

While Trump might have sheer and strong belief in his ideals and policies, public polls beg to differ with his point of view. In recent polls it has been evident that Hilary Clinton has been in front on the leader board with quite a margin – but nothing is permanent yet.

Trump has blown people’s minds with chance happenings that are probably a first in American politics.

Securing a Republican nomination with no prior political engagements, with his prevailing discriminative mind encircling minority individuals or for being an isolationist, he must have done something to end up with a place in the Presidential candidacy.

Standing strong in his stance and beliefs regarding banning and isolating the minority groups from the States seems in some way to have bound the nation together, stronger.

If statistics are to be believed, the favorability ratings of the Muslims in the Brookings Institution went up by nine percent after the crude and irrelevant remarks and statements made by Trump about banning the Muslims from entering the States.

His isolation propaganda doesn’t seem to end there. When Trump first announced his candidacy for the 2016 US Elections, he clearly mentioned his foresight about building a “great, great” wall on the Southern border of the States, and Mexico pay for it.

Even though the expectations and hype were blowing off the roof initially, it now seems like Trump’s hawkish stance on immigration could not last him in the long run, because now amidst the General Election Campaign, Trump is not in anyone’s good books.

An expanse of a few years has left people thinking and the statistics reversed. While in 2007, 2011 and 2015, the percentage supporting the building of the border fence was 46%, it abruptly has dropped to 36% on March 16.

Even if a percentage of Trump supporters (mainly the Republicans) still exist, the statistics are proving a lot worse for Trump. Post Convention collapse has shown a gradual downfall in the share of Trump’s success in the polls.

While these polls are not the final decisive statistics, it seems like Hilary Clinton might have enough lead to gain the Electoral majority.

Winsconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire seem to drift towards Clinton’s direction and have pretty consistently supported Democratic presidential candidates even with several floating speculations.

And it’s not just the polls that have taken down Trump, but fifty of the most respected Republicans in the fields of National Security and Intelligence have bid adieu to their fellow Republican presidential candidate.

They were very clear while stating that if by any chance Trump wins, he would be the most reckless president in the history of the country.

And it’s not the first time that Trump’s speech has lacked coherency; people have probably got accustomed to it now. In a recent speech on terrorism policy, people picked up on next to nothing, claiming that each and every word contradicted itself and was reasonably incoherent.