Donald Trump Is In For A Rough Time Ahead Amidst Constant Downfalls In the Polls, Hilary Clinton Still Ahead With A Remarkable Lead

It was stated that Trump managed to contradict his every action during the time span of one year, making embarrassing factual errors regarding topics encircling NATO and ISIS. And people who heard the speech didn’t fail to state how non-sensical his speech was when he himself contradicted his past beliefs.

While the speech was supposed to combat all the downsizing of Trump’s followers, it backfired as usual. His attempts at indulging his avid followers to the growing and alarming rate of Terrorism along with the in-coherency in his words resulted in a further blunder.

Before his candidacy in the US Elections, it has been recently evident that while Trump now views Hilary as an incompetent and corrupt political figure, his thoughts about Clinton a decade ago was poles apart.

In a recent Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising organization between Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign made use of the praises that Trump once made about Hilary as a promotional ad with the tagline “Donald Trump occasionally right.”

Well, it looks like Trump changes color better than a Chameleon? If statements are to be believed, it looks like Trump remains on his best and most polite behavior until conditions favor him.

What are your thoughts on this entire Trump lack of coherency over recent months? Do you agree and stand by his ideals? Drop in your thoughts and views about Trump’s presidential candidacy in the comment section below. Stay hooked for more updates and news.