The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Yolanda Struggles with Lyme Disease, Kathy Hilton Stands Up for Sister Kim Richards, And More

Kim Richards had hit all time low when she was arrested after drunken brawl at a posh Beverly Hills hotel and also when she shoplifted from Target.

Yolanda Foster is also seen getting emotional when she sits down with her family and talks about the will that she has prepared. She asks her family to take care of her mother if she dies and everyone seems to be choking up.

Yolanda says that she is doing everything she can to make her body healthy again, but she is still scared that she might not make it. This is followed by an image of her in the hospital bed.

The trailer shows the newcomers in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Rinna seems to know Kathryn Edwards from beforehand and she reveals that Kathryn looks exactly the same as she had ten years back.

Kathryn informs the audience that she married to a guy nine years younger. Erika Jayne is going to get on the wrong side of a lot of the women and she isn’t going to keep shut when she isn’t happy about something.

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