Apple iPad Air 3: Rumored to Make Its Debut in March 2016, A Quick Look at The Rumored Specs, And More

The Apple iPad Air 3 is one of the most anticipated devices from Appleā€™s stable. Rumors were abuzz that the device was set to make its debut in the month of September of the current year. However, fans were disappointed when Apple decided to postpone the iPad Air 3 and launch the iPad pro in its stead.

Though there is still no official statement regarding the device from Apple, it is being believed that the iPad Air 3 is on its way and will hit the market by March of next year.

At some point in the recent future, Apple will need to replace the iPad Air2 with another device of the same category and this could be the perfect opportunity for the tech giant to unleash the much awaited iPad Air 3 upon the fans.

However, since Apple is tight lipped about a specific release date of the iPad Air 3, fans can only anticipate and speculate as to when the device will finally make its appearance in the market. With just a month left in the current year, possibilities of the device seeing a 2015 release date is highly unlikely.

It was reported in a popular website that the iPad Air 3 will come with a 9.7 inch screen with a pseudo-4K display along with a resolution of 2334 x 3112 (401 ppi). The Display will also feature a Touch ID. The iPad Air 2 had a thickness of 6.1 mm and weighed in at 437g, reports are stating the iPad Air 3 will come with a thinner body than its predecessor and thus it will be lighter too.

The device will reportedly come with 4GB of RAM and a Rose Gold version of the device will also be released by Apple. Unlike its predecessor which had a A8X powered processor under its hood, it is being speculated that the iPad Air 3 will come with a much stronger A9X processor on its inside. The A9X processor is believed to be 20 percent more powerful and 35 percent more power efficient than its predecessor.

Regarding other technical aspects of the device, it is being rumored that it will come with an 8 megapixel iSight rear camera along with a 2 megapixel one on its front. The built in Touch ID fingerprint sensor will ensure maximum security for the device.

There will be four variants of iPad Air 3 based on the internal memory of the device. It will be available with 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB of internal storage capacity.

Following the steps of the recent iPhone models from Apple, the iPad Air 3 might come with a smaller battery than its predecessor. The device will also boast a better waterproofing feature with an impressive IPX7 certificate to show for it.

The device is expected to come with a price tag of $610 which is quite moderate considering the high-end specs that it will pack.

The company reportedly wanted to be on the safe side and decided to delay the launch of iPad Air 3 because it did not want to hamper the sales of the recently released iPad Pro and the iPad Mini 4 by launching another high-end device in quick succession. The same source revealed that there is a possibility that the device might come with a 13 megapixel snapper on its back

With the recently released iPad Pro, Apple appears to be treading in unchartered waters as the company has ordered only 2.5 million units for the fourth quarter. Statistics show that 14.1 million units of the iPad had been sold by Apple in the fourth quarter of 2013 and during the same period last year, Apple recorded a sale of 12.3 million units of the iPad.