Apple iPad Air 3: Rumored to Make Its Debut in March 2016, A Quick Look at The Rumored Specs, And More

This could be a sign that the company wants to get a firsthand view of people’s reaction to the iPad Pro and then accordingly go into bulk production of the device. Another reason behind this could be the fact that the company released a fewer units of the iPad Pro into the market because the iPad Air 3 will be released in the recent future and the company wants to ensure that the product does not face competition from one of its own devices.

The Apple iPad Pro is being promoted by Apple as the most powerful device in the tablet category from the company. The tablet will allow the attachment of an external keyboard and thus it could be treated as a feasible replacement for the PC or the notebook.

Speculations regarding a 4 inch iPhone 6c hitting the market once again in 2016 is also running wild. Though there has been no confirmation from Apple regarding a 4 inch iPhone 6c, reports from a Japanese website, Mac Otakara, states that the developers are currently producing the device on a large scale and it will be introduced again to fans by the middle of the next year.

Meanwhile, fans can keep the rumors and speculations revolving around iPad Air 3 going until any official announcements are made by Apple regarding the device.

Stay tuned for more update on Apple iPad Air 3.