Arrow Season 4: Multiple Characters Set to Be Killed, Crossover with Flash, Oliver Might Meet His Son!

Arrow Season 4 is going to break the hearts of their fans this time. There will not be one death, but three in the upcoming season. Yibada has reported that Arrow Season 4 is going to see John Diggle (David Ramsey), Captain Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) die.

While fans couldn’t even assimilate this shocking news, executive producer Wendy Mericlehas come out to state that the deaths in the series will be taking place right after the season starts and they will be all over before Arrows Season 4 hits the midseason mark.

Entertainment Weekly got a clue of what’s to come in Arrow Season 4 from David Ramsey, who plays the role of John Diggle in Arrow Season 4. While there are rumors that John Diggle will meet with his death in Arrow Season 4, David Ramsey says that his character is safe in the coming season since he doesn’t participate in a lot of action.

Ramsey added that he is also very curious to know who is going to be killed off in Arrow Season 4 and how. Some fans have also hinted at the fact that David Ramsey might be aware of the fate of his character, but is playing along with the viewers so as not to give out any spoilers.

The biggest scoop that fans are waiting for in Arrow Season 4 is whether Oliver Queen gets to meet his son or not in the upcoming season. Those who follow the series regularly will be aware that in Arrow Season 2, Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson), Oliver’s mother paying money to one of Oliver’s girlfriend. Moira didn’t want Oliver to know that he had a son and the girl was paid to let Oliver know that she had lost the baby.

There are speculations that Oliver comes to know that he has a son who was kept hidden from him by his mother, he will not be very happy. There will be another person who isn’t going to be very happy about this blast from the past and that is Felicity.

The Movie Network reported that Oliver is going to meet his son Connor Hawke, as is depicted in the comic book. This piece of news has been denied by the showrunners who have said that Connor Hawke will not be related to Oliver Queen in Arrow Season 4 and he will ultimately grow up to become the Green Arrow.

Fans of Arrow are devastated that Felicity Smoak is going to be killed in the upcoming season. Fans of Arrow did take some time to warm up to the hacker, but once they were guaranteed of the fact that she is in team Arrow, they welcomed her.

Felicity went on to become the love interest of Oliver and things were just starting to get serious between them. There were some moments of passion between them and the chemistry between Oliver and Felicity was one of the things that kept the fans coming back for more in Arrow.

However, Arrow Season 4 doesn’t seem like it’s going to be any better than Arrow Season 4. There are still a large number of characters who will be killed off, but the showrunners have said that they will try to make the show lighter in mood this time.

Arrow Season 4 will start with Thea (Willa Holland) as a member of Team Arrow. The season will also have John Diggle in the forefront and will make the viewers realize how much they love Felicity by taking her back to her badass days of Arrow Season 1 and Season 2.