Marvel’s Jessica Jone: Melissa Rosenberg Talks About the Cliches, Bringing New Things into The Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is the adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis’s Alias and it has brought in a lot of interesting elements into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series is the first from the Marvel’s world that is led by the female protagonists where men are, but mere pawns.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is centered round the protagonist Jessica (Krysten Ritter), a private eye, who drinks, has sex and has a very foul mouth. Along with her is Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) who is Jessica’s best friend and then there is Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Ann Moss) who is Jessica’s boss and the first gay character in Marvel.

The character of Jeri Hogarth was written for a man in the comic books, but the character has been brought to life by the talented Carrie-Ann Moss who was last seen in Matrix. Her character is the very typical type-A personality who doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone. The character is very common, yet there is something refreshing about the way it is portrayed.

Jeri Hogarth falls in love with her secretary and has a whirlwind romance with her. She realizes that she isn’t happy with her spouse and hence tries to divorce, but the spouse isn’t going to give in to a divorce so easily.

The girlfriend, on the other hand isn’t ready to have anything to do with Jeri unless she has completely cut off all ties with her ex and this is where Jeri calls in for Jessica’s help and asks her to find out some murky details from her ex’s life so that she can find an excuse of going ahead with the separation.

The story is a very common one, but what makes all the difference is that the lead roles are all played by women. It is the woman who leaves another woman and takes help from another and there is absolutely no place for the man in the whole scenario. Jeri does all the things that men do on television, but she does it differently because she does it as a woman.

Carrie-Ann Moss will always be known for her role as Trinity in the Matrix trilogy,said that Marvel came up to her and offered her the role of Jeri Hogarth in Jessica Jones. She read the role and immediately decided to go ahead with it.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones, written by Melissa Rosenberg, who has had a very successful run as the writer for four episodes in Dexter.Rosenberg’s Jessica Jones talks about Jessica whose career as a superhero has come to an end and now she is building for herself a career as a detective in New York City.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones premiered in Netflix on Friday and viewers claim that it is the best show to come out from the Marvel studio so far. Melissa Rosenberg, the showrunner said that she got a chance to do exactly what she wanted with Netflix, something that she couldn’t do when the show was on ABC.

Melissa also added that she is open to Jessica Jones Season 2, but things will be very complicated. Marvel’s Jessica Jones handled an episode on rape and they have been complimented on the way the team has handled the sensitive issue. There have been numerous television dramas that have dealt with the issue, but it deals with the episode and not the trauma that follows thereafter.