Marvel’s Jessica Jone: Melissa Rosenberg Talks About the Cliches, Bringing New Things into The Marvel Cinematic Universe!

In Marvel’s Jessica Jones the rape incident is depicted to highlight a process of dealing with the impact of it and healing that the victim craves for. It’s not about talking about how the traumatic episode happened and going through each tiny detail associated with it.

In an interview to Hollywood Reporter, Melissa Rosenberg added that she consciously did not want to make Jessica Jones a bleak and sad television series. As a viewer she wouldn’t enjoy being a part of a world that is so dark and bleak and hence she worked hard to get that part right. She also worked hard to not make the role of the female detective, a clichéd one.

She said that every time there is a female character fighting crime, she is made to wear tight clothes and walk around in heels. However, Jessica Jones would do the more practical thing first; she would beat the information out of the person.

Jessica Jones’ lead Krysten Ritter has been very forthcoming when it comes to her relationship with another superhero from her universe. Unlike men who have fought it out, she went ahead and praised Supergirl Melissa Benoist on her Instagram page after she watched Supergirl Season 1. Melissa Benoist responded back to her praise with all things nice, adding how talented Ritter is.

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