The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong Rumored to Return, Kim Richards Talks about Sobriety, And More

Kim said that while drinking was a way to escape, her arrest gave her a much needed respite from duties and obligations. She could stay away from hospital visits, family and the daily struggles of life and simply rest.

Kim Richards was arrested in April after she created nuisance at the posh Polo Lounge. She abetted arrest and even assaulted an officer on duty. She had been arrested under charges of trespassing and assaulting an officer.

Kim had subsequently signed into a rehab in Malibu, but got temporarily leave on the occasion of her daughter’s marriage. Richard was expected to return back to the rehabilitation facility soon after, but failed to do so. She was even spotted drinking at the marriage reception.

She signed up for another facility shortly, but left the place stating differences with the staff. Given her public conduct and her refusal to get help for her addiction, Bravo decided to remove her from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

There were initial reports that Kim Richards will be recurring in the show as a guest, but TMZ has reported that Bravo has completely axed her. Kim Richards is not the only one to be removed by Bravo; she will have Brandi Glanville for company.

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