Winds of Winter: Martin Mum About the Release Date, Bender Adds to Anticipation, No News of Jon Snow!

It’s been a long wait for the fans of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series. A Dance with Dragons, the fifth book came out in 2011 and they have been waiting ever since then for novelist George R.R Martin to finish the next installment.

The popularity of the novel series saw HBO creating Game of Thrones based on it. The television series went on to create history. The immense popularity of the series based on the book should have caused the author to finish off with the sixth novel of the series, but it wasn’t so.

George R.R Martin is a busy man. Following the success of Game of Thrones, based on his books, he has been travelling all over the world and never seems to have time to sit down and write the novel.

Fans might ask why he can’t write while he is on those long plane journeys, but Martin is quick to respond, saying that he can’t concentrate on his writing if he isn’t home and working on his own desk.

There goes the dream of ever seeing Winds of Winter being complete!

George R. R. Martin told Entertainment Weekly that he was hot on the writing progress and was making a lot of progress in the book. However, he had to stop doing that and focus on HBO’s Game of Thrones series, where he had to edit the scripts. He also had a lot of book signing deals and when he could finally come back to finish Winds of Winter, the iron had cooled down.

While Martin did not disclose when the book is likely to be finished, he did add a very interesting spoiler. Martin said that there is going to be a great twist when it comes to one of the interesting characters and it is going to turn the readers crazy. Martin said that he is still contemplating whether to carry on with it or not.

This news of Martin’s has excited some fans. They believe that he has something planned for Jon Snow. Jon Snow was stabbed by the brothers of the Night’s Watch and left to die. The readers have to wait for Winds of Winter to find out whether he survives. The insight that Martin gave might hint at his survival.

Other fans are not that hopeful. They believe that Martin is a writer who doesn’t hesitate twice before killing off favorite characters and he might be hinting at something similar even in Winds of Winter.

Martin has decided to cut down on his appearances to focus solely on completing the sixth book. HBO is done with the five seasons of Game of Thrones and are planning on going ahead with the sixth season with their original script. The series has deviated quite a lot from the actual book anyway.

This has not been approved by the die-hard fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and they are urging Martin to complete the book before March 2016 when the sixth season of Game of Thrones will start.

When Martin announced that he will not be attending the San Diego Comic-Con 2015 fans were happy that he was taking time out to finish the novel. However, he soon shared a comic figure of himself and said that he would be there at the Comic-Con. This excited the fans because they presumed that Winds of Winter was complete.