The Motorola Moto G3 is a Decent Budget-Performer, Starts Selling out around the Globe!

They will work even when your lockscreen is turned off. With the Adreno 306, the Motorola can easily handle light to heavy gaming and at the same time, it can deal with everyday tasks smoothly. The camera has the ability to take good quality images, equipped with features like HDR.

The Moto X Play is a superior device, compared to the Moto G and stacks up pretty well against it. The Moto X Play offers 37 percent more pixels with a 21 percent bigger display and has a more expansive 32GB variant.

The Moto G 3rd generation was launched last week with two distinct flavors for people with varying kinds of demands. There is an 8GB storage model with 1GB of RAM (for £179) and a 16GB version with 2GB of RAM (for £209).

Sadly, in Monday, a ‘Not Available’ sign appeared underneath the beefier of the two devices, followed by a ‘delayed shipping’ tag. This clearly indicates that the G3 is a major hit and has already started selling out.

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