Taylor Swift: Censorship for China, Ryan Adams Cover 1989, Madonna to Perform With Her!

There are talks that the term ‘1989’ will be removed from Taylor Swift’s merchandise before they are sold in China. The controversial number will be removed so as not to harm the sentiments of the Chinese people.

While these talks are on, a day before the merchandise of the pop-star is launched in China, it is still not clear if the censorship will finally prevail. There are items in her clothing range that bear the slogan ‘T.S. 1989’, which denotes her initials and birth year.

1989 was the name of the Grammy award winners’ album and world tour and she has since then gone on to use the numbers on her merchandise as well. The term ‘T.S 1989’ could depict the Tiananmen Square episode of 1989, where protestors were violently silenced.

The Chinese government has already issued a ban on the reference to that nightmarish event in all state media, internet and books.  This is often seen as a bad incident of state censorship where the young people of the country are kept in the dark about the harrowing episode that took place in their country 26 years ago.

Reuters has received information from Swift’s representative that the information about certain brand terms being withdrawn from Taylor Swift’s merchandise before they are retailed in China is not true.

Taylor Swift’s merchandises are already retailed in China by Heritage66Company and they have the 1989 items on display in their website with videos of Taylor Swift’s songs from the album of the same name.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album is sure making a lot of news. The recent news is that Ryan Adams is going to make a cover for the entire album and what’s better is that Taylor Swift has given him the permission and she is very excited about the whole thing.

Ryan Adams, who split from his wife Mandy Moore in the spring of this year is going to use Taylor’s words but given them his own spin by using The Smiths as his inspiration. He took to Twitter saying that he has been sandblasting Taylor Swift’s album and they have been holding very well and are coming out brilliantly.

Ryan Adams is a songwriter and performer who has a knack of covering legendary tracks by other singers. His rendition of the tracks has sometimes gone to become more popular than the original one. His version of Wonderwall made Noel Gallagher of Oasis say that he was the only person to perfect the track. He recently covered Bryan Adams’ Summer of ‘69 in front of an audience in Nashville.

Unlike previous cases, Ryan Adams is going to cover every song from the album 1989 and Taylor Swift couldn’t have asked for something better. She is over-the-top with excitement.

Taylor Swift is a huge fan of Ryan Adams and she can’t seem to believe the fact that the legendary singer is going to be using her album to make his next songs. She has been gushing on the social media about how excited she is and that she will be celebrating the day as a holiday every year.

This is not the first time that Taylor Swift was surprised by her crush. Ellen DeGeneres has surprised Taylor on her talk-show by bringing in Justin Timberlake. Timberlake happens to be Taylor’ biggest crush in the music industry and Taylor was completely awe-struck when he walked out to greet her.