The Mindy Project Season 4: Hulu Comes To the Rescue, Show Needs Character Stability, And More

It was Hulu who came in as the savior for The Mindy Project Season 4. After FOX called the show off sometime earlier this month, the fate of the series was under question.

FOX did disappoint a lot of The Mindy Project fans, but well they have compensated the same by making all the previous three seasons available on the internet while the 4th season of The Mindy Project is on its way.

As per executives of the FOX channel the primary reason for calling the show off was the low viewership rating. The show has had a viewership crunch over the years now and reports from Los Angeles Times suggests that the second season of The Mindy Project has an average of 3.4 million viewers, but surprisingly in the third season the show could only have 2.3 million viewers at an average.

With the decline of viewership FOX decided to give up the show as it was not helping them earn the revenues that they were looking at. They did carry the show on post season 2 as well, but the think-tanks did not want to give the show any more time.

The idea of the show is brilliant, but for some reason ever since the inception of The Mindy Project, it has never got viewers in large number. The show is a typical romantic comedy and we can expect anyone with a humorous taste to like the same. Unfortunately, the numbers speak otherwise.

The fans would like to see some more stability in the characters of The Mindy Project. It would be nice to see characters not vanish off suddenly. We have seen in the past that important characters like Gwen and Dr. Peter having an abrupt end to their original roles in the series.

We hope the directing team of The Mindy Project Season 4 makes notes of all these points so that they are successful in catching a higher number of audience and get back to higher ratings. Fans would love to see Mindy and Danny get over their differences and have a happier life together in the upcoming season. Fans would love the two together and continue to make their audience laugh.

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  1. I thought season 3 was the best season. It is by far the funniest comedy on tv and I can’t believe the viewers aren’t there. But that is probably fixed any way. This show tops in my all time favorites along with Seinfeld.

  2. This is outrageous we want back to fox not hulu please you promise right everybody

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