Suits Season 5: Spoilers for USA’s Hit TV Series Announce the Arrival of Christina Cole!

The long wait for fans of USA’s hit TV series will finally be over as it is set to return for its fifth season on 24th June. After the season 4 finale, there were many questions left hanging and this made the fans all jittery for the next few months. Meanwhile, take a look at a few things to watch out for in the fifth season of Suits.

It seems like Harvey will finally display some emotions. From the looks of it, a more humanized Harvey Specter is waiting for the fans. The character portrayed by Gabriel Macht will be dealing with his own flaws and personal issues which were left magnified after Donna quit and started working for Louis.

As a result, some questions prevail on this issue. Will Harvey be able to reign over his feelings or will he end up waging a personal and professional war against Louis. In the end, he might be able to get a hold on his emotions as Harvey could be helped by his new shrink.

Christina Cole will join Suits Season 5 and play the role of Dr. Paula Agard. Cole’s character will assist Harvey in dealing with the new reality away from Donna along with the deep-seated issues that he has been ignoring so far. The religious fans of this hit TV series are aware that Harvey is originally a real teddy bear, who is great in camouflaging his emotions with a tough frontage. It was really annoying in most of the cases, primarily for Donna, who left him for that.

As per Latin Post’s report, Cole’s character will probably end up being permanent and she might finally get through, even though Dr. Agard will surely face a tough time in making Harvey crack.At the same time, she will also be lending a helping hand to the other members of the

At the same time, she will also be lending a helping hand to the other members of the team, when they need assistance in dealing with their emotions. And from the looks of it, Cole’s character might also help Harvey get Donna back but whether or not she’ll be successful at it, is still a mystery.

Meanwhile, John Pyper-Ferguson is the newest addition to Suits Season 5 and Deadline reports that he will play Jack Soloff. His new role will feature him working with rivals Louis and Harvey while being the new head of the firm’s Compensation Committee.