Loki Rumored to Die in Thor 3: Ragnarok, Remain as a “Talking Head” since Tom Hiddleston’s Contract Isn’t over Yet!

It has been eight years since Marvel started being brilliant in their cinematic universe and no less than three years since it began the victory lap in the form of The Avengers, followed closely by Phase 2. Phase 3 will begin soon and a lot of Marvel fans are already complaining about the stories getting stale and boring. Can Marvel clear the boredom by starting to kill of some characters?

Avengers: Age of Ultron started this motion by killing off characters in a harsh manner. However, with major players like Hawkeye and The Hulk leaving the Avengers story, no big names were really killed off. Right now, it seems like Marvel is planning to take the story forward while waiting for a major event to get really harsh and cruel with the fans.

A lot of us have heard about Thor 3: Ragnarok but most of us don’t know what that means. Ragnarok actually signifies the Norse end of days. It is a cataclysmic event that will fill the characters with passion and turmoil when the world is no more. You will notice the similarity when you compare Thor 3: Ragnarok with ‘X-Men: Apocalypse”. Catching the drift now?

Ragnarok will most likely feature the evil fire giant Surtur, who spreads flames and destruction, resulting in the Fall of Asgard while torching the Bifrost. It is a really catastrophic event in the Marvel Comics and even more so, if you consider the real story in Norse Mythology. According to it, Odin fights a giant wolf and dies.

Thor fights a snake and dies. Loki fights Heimdall and they both die.  Meanwhile, Marvel can’t complain that they are lacking for material. In the Ragnarok storyline, it is said that Thor literally rips Loki’s head off for his treachery. If you visualize that on the film, it will be difficult not to consider it a bit hilarious.

A storyline with such dramatic events is certainly tantalizing. The main question is whether Marvel fully adopts Ragnarok, killing multiple characters and bringing Asgard to an end. If you consider the conversation between Ultron and Vision at the end of Avengers 2, the humans are primarily mentioned.

Ultron doesn’t seem much interested with the citizens of Asgard but it shows Marvel’s huge willingness to move the story forward. A great depiction of cynicism was when Ultron claims “they’re doomed” and Vision actually agrees to it. It is common knowledge that bad guys always say that the good guys are doomed but it doesn’t really work that way and we usually know that it won’t. However, things are different when an all-knowing super entity like Vision admits it casually!

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  1. In the stories, yes, Thor rips Loki’s head off. It isn’t lethal, though – Loki just becomes a sassy talking head tied to a belt. Decapitation? That’s weird even for Marvel. There’s no way they’d reduce Hiddleston’s performance to just his face. Why handicap one of the best actors Marvel currently has?

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