The Mentalist Season 7 Comes To an End after a Long Run, Exec Producer Shares Secrets, And More

It is time to bid a good bye to the seven season long The Mentalist. After having a success run for seven long seasons the show has finally come to an end. The series travelled through rough roads in the initial days with critics citing their inhibitions over the show being a blatant rip of Pysch, but eventually season after season the show did manage to carve out a separate identity and it ended on a high note enjoying a huge army of fans.

With passing seasons The Mentalist got intense and the script-writers made sure that it was more mature and dark compared to the humorous and light Pysch. During the entire journey of seven seasons, the production team kept a close watch on the fans and their association with the series.

A constant tab was kept on the online discussions about the show, the production team made sure that their future steps were in line with what the viewers wanted to see. This helped them understand the mentality of the fans and deliver exactly what they wanted. This guaranteed a loyal fan base by the end of The Mentalist Season 7.

Warner Bros. seemed to be more than just happy to have run The Mentalist for its entire course of time. According to officials from the company, the show did help them get favourable results even before it got recognition on the global platform. Production work for this series saw something that was more out-of-the-box.

Major plot points revolving around the primary antagonist of the series was taken care of even before Season 6 ended. This was initially not appreciated by the fans, but the team had surprises for them. Due to this, the director had a free pen to sketch the last season using all his creativity and also focus on other relevant elements of the character.

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  1. I have and will always be a fan of The Mentalist, as for S7 it was by far the best, Jane/Lisbons wedding and then to find out she is pregnant was outstanding as well as touching Jane lost his family and gained another what a way to end the awsome show. Ty to all the cast/crew from bringing your A game to each and every season /episode you will all be missed.

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