The Mentalist Season 7 Comes To an End after a Long Run, Exec Producer Shares Secrets, And More

The production team fulfilled all the goals that they had for the show. This was not all, Tom Szentgyorgyi, the executive producer of The Mentalist, said Season 7 was the perfect ending to such a beautifully crafted series.

After all the twists and turns this was the finish that the fans would have wished for. The last episode was designed to perfection. It had all the elements in place and made sure that all the loose ends were tied-up well together. The build-up to the last episode was big. There have been reports from fans who believe that the finale was a little too heavy, but things fell right into place.

Tom Szentgyorgyi was a happy man at the end of the day and even revealed some funny secrets about the production like the final wedding sequence, which saw Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) tie the knot. Although planned at an initial stage, they were not sure about how to execute it until the very last minute.

After 7 long seasons The Mentalist has finally brought down the curtains. Fans would certainly miss it, but like all good things this too had to come to an end. Fans can always watch reruns of Jane and Lisbon out solving crimes on their DVDs.

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  1. I have and will always be a fan of The Mentalist, as for S7 it was by far the best, Jane/Lisbons wedding and then to find out she is pregnant was outstanding as well as touching Jane lost his family and gained another what a way to end the awsome show. Ty to all the cast/crew from bringing your A game to each and every season /episode you will all be missed.

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