The Macbook Air 2016 Will Feature A 5K Resolution Display, Other Reports Claim That the Air Lineup Will Not Be Upgraded!

The MacBook Air is still a mystery since Apple is yet to reveal any details about it. It seems like Apple is losing interest in this lineup and focusing more on the Retina MacBook that was released last spring. People have started believing the ending rumors about MacBook Air ever since a tech blogger claimed that Apple is planning to ditch this lineup completely.

People are still wondering whether Apple will release MacBook Air 2016 but even if it doesn’t, it will not affect any tie-ups with technologies from other companies. At the moment, rumors suggest that Apple is focusing on a 5K display.

MacRumors suggested that this rumored display could boast a resolution of 5120×2880 pixels which further makes us wonder if the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air 2016 can ever accommodate a feature like that. Based on the various reports, critics believe that MacBook Pro 2016 and the MacBook Air 2016 will supply enough power to support 5K display technology.

It is further supported by claims suggesting that Apple will be using an AMD RX 400 graphics card as the solution. Rumors about a 5K display from Apple are pretty abundant but at the same time, we could also see MacBook Air 2016 replacing the old Thunderbolt variant.

These devices could release in the fall, and it is expected that MacBook Air 2016 will be released before the Pro variant. If the Air variant does come out, other changes will include the removal of a 3.5mm jack while using the same Lightning Port to be used on the iPhone 7. Furthermore, it will also include an OLED display and a fingerprint scanner.

If both MacBook Air and Pro releases, they will immediately become the hottest gadgets in the market. Fans have been waiting several months for both these variants. There are reports suggesting that the new MacBook Pro will end the MacBook Air lineup.

When the latest MacBook was launched, the importance of MacBook Air being the lightest laptop was immediately gone. Besides being lighter than MacBook Air, the latest variant has a panel which is more colorful and high-res. Rumors indicate that Apple is also redesigning their latest MacBook Pro flagship laptop.

The 2016 variant will be thinner and lighter, putting the Air behind. Mashable further reported that MacBook’s arrival and the Pro update don’t necessarily mean that the Air lineup is doomed. The first lightest Apple laptop is still a great device but from the looks of it, there won’t be a further update.

On the other hand, a lot is being expected from the MacBook Pro 2016. University Herald reported that it would debut with a feature that has never been seen before. According to Parent Herald, it will include Touch ID, wireless charging capacity, NFC and much more.

Besides these impressive features, the laptop will also include the latest operating system from Apple, MacOS Sierra and run on Intel’s latest Skylake processor. The Pro variant is expected to be portable and ultra-thin.

The latest stories suggest that it will be the cheapest variant in the MacBook Pro lineup. This device is expected to come in 2016 fall.

Other reports suggest that Apple is currently focusing more on the iPad Pro. According to The Telegraph, Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, wants iPad Pro to replace a laptop or notebook. Mobipicker reported that MacBook Pro and Air would be announced at an event scheduled to take place at the end of this year.