Sigourney Weaver Confirms That Alien 5 Is Indeed Happening, It Will Release After Prometheus 2 or Alien: Covenant

Neil Blomkamp’s Alien 5 was stuck to make way for Ridley Scott’s Alien Covenant. Ever since the reports of this pause, no further details were leaked. It reached a point where most people started believing that this movie won’t be happening anymore. However, Sigourney Weaver, who played the role of Ellen Ripley, confirmed that it’s happening.

Ever since February last year, Neil Blomkamp possessed a concept art for Alien 5. However, it seems like we need to wait longer for this idea to be successfully implemented.

Ridley Scott will be the producer of Alien 5, and he will pay close attention to Alien: Covenant. Recently, he announced a delay on Alien 5 through his Twitter account.

We came to know that this movie will release, but it will only come after Alien: Covenant or Prometheus 2. Ridley told Empire that he is producing Alien 5. It has been planned to release after Alien: Covenant.

The movie is closely associated to Ripley and taken from a completely different angle. The movie will be more like a sequel than anything else.

Most people are quite skeptical about Alien 5 after coming across Alien: Resurrection, but it can’t be denied that most people are pretty about this movie. This is because Neil Blomkamp’s other works, like District 9 and Chappie, were incredibly brilliant and they were just low-budget films.

Think of what he can accomplish with a high-budget movie. At the same time, people want to know if they’ll see District 10 in the future.

When Alien 5 concept was first revealed, it let our hopes down, to be honest. However, when Neil Blomkamp introduced those excellent concept art stills, a lot of us were blown away! James Cameron’s Aliens back in 1986 left off with Ripley, Hicks and Newt along with the android Bishop, who was badly damaged.

They were escaping LV-426 and getting into hypersleep while preparing to return to Earth. Sadly, they never got there and instead, crashed on Fiorina Fury 161. Ripley emerged as the only survivor. In Resurrection’s conclusion, Ripley Clone 8 was preparing to touch down on Earth, finally coming back home after hundreds of years.

However, there is confusion when we lookat what we have come to know from various sources. During James Cameron’s Aliens’ 30th Anniversary, Sigourney Weaver had an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where she talked about the events of Alien 5 and how it fits in the overall Alien chronology.

Weaver said that paths keep changing, and one direction goes into another, finally heading towards a Neil Blomkamp movie. Since the days of pre-production, Blomkamp maintained that it would take place after the events of Aliens. While speaking with AlloCine, a French website, Neil said that he is not trying to undo Resurrection or Alien 3.

In fact, they are his two favorite movies. His ultimate goal is to make a film which connects Alien to Aliens. Instead of overriding the events which occurred in previous films, Blomkamp wants to create something that will co-exist with Alien: Resurrection and Alien 3.

Whatever happens, the one good thing that we will get to see is a proper conclusion to Newt and Hicks’ stories, after they were taken off the mortal coil in Alien 3.

Reports indicate that Michael Biehn will appear as the older, facially-scarred Hicks, seen in the concept art. It will make great sense if an older Newt appears as well.

Right now, Alien 5 is going through development hell, and Prometheus 2 is now ‘Alien Covenant’. Michael Fassbender will reprise his role as Android David and similarly, Noomi Rapace will be playing Dr. Elizabeth Shaw.