Civilization 6 Composer Won a Grammy Award for His Civilization 4 Theme, Modding Power Will Be Much Greater In the Latest Civilization, And More

Christopher Tin will compose the Civilization 6 theme, and he is the only composer to have received a Grammy Award for a soundtrack in a video game. The theme was Civilization 4 was Baba Yetu, and it received a Grammy Award in 2011 for being the “Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)”.

His next theme is Sogno di Volare, meaning The Dream of Light. It will be debuted during a performance at Cadogan Hall, next week in London. This will take place before the 6th October release of Civilization 6.

Tin said that he wanted to write a piece that would capture the essence of exploration. This includes the physical exploration of finding out new lands and also the mental journey of having the frontiers of philosophy and science expanded.

Civilization 6 is one of the most highly-anticipated games of this year. It is the next entry in Firaxis’ long-running legendary strategy gaming franchise.

After the expansions, Civilization 5 was possibly the best strategy game ever to be made. Moreover, it is one of the most popular PC games so far, selling almost 9 million copies till now.

As a result, it is understandable that people are still looking out for the next installment in this franchise in spite of the heavy controversies regarding its art style. The hype is kept going by 2K Games and Firaxis, with new information and details, coming out on a regular basis. In the new video, we are introduced to the development team behind Civilization 6. Civilization 6 will release on 23rd October on PC.

Meanwhile, the team behind Civilization 6 is pretty confident about the modding power of this game. In fact, they think that it will make us go nuts when the game finally releases. Mods have been a common part of many games, developed by both PC developers and Firaxis.

Civilization hasn’t been immune from it at all. We have seen numerous mods in Civilization 5, and it will continue seeing them in Civilization 6. With games like XCOM 2 and all the Civilization engines so far, Firaxis has proved to be a very mod-friendly studio.

If the modding power in Civilization 6 is that great, the game will be better than all its predecessors. It is especially because a new engine will be running this game. Players should be able to make; new units, new civilizations and amazing Wonders which they believe should be a part of this installment.

There is also a possibility that someone will import the properties from Civilization: Beyond Earth to use those civilizations in regular play. It will be interesting to see Egypt, China, Japan, England and America, deal with technologies taken from the far future, including biological weapons, cyborgs, and mecha.

The graphics have changed a lot in the new game. Therefore, an increase in the modding of Civilization 6 will mean a great deal for loads of people, specifically the ones who wish to mod this game to their heart’s extent.

The character models for Civilization cities, leaders and units have all been majorly improved.

All the details and properties in Civilization 6 are yet to be confirmed, but when it releases on 21st October, Firaxis should reveal a handful of amazing toys to play with. You can expect numerous nods towards Civilization 5 philosophies, religions and some bonus content from XCOM as well.