Civilization 6 Composer Won a Grammy Award for His Civilization 4 Theme, Modding Power Will Be Much Greater In the Latest Civilization, And More

Unpacked Cities is one of the most important features of Civilization 6. It means that all sorts of important infrastructure will be visible on the map, instead of being hidden away in cities.

Regarding gameplay perspective, cities are now highly vulnerable to pillaging. It was quite annoying in the past and posed a real threat to your economy.

Now, in case you decide to fall back so that your city centers are protected, an enemy will be able to destroy districts which are important to your empire. War is more flexible this time around.Earlier, going to war was pillaging a few farms, and it wasn’t worth it except for very early in the game.

Gamers were preparing to take cities, with the goal of damaging the enemy beyond any repair. In Civilization 6, if you pillage a manufacturing or science district on the border, your enemy can be set back drastically.

In case you are raiding a rich financial district, it will be totally worth declaring a full over it. In this game, diplomacy will be a more fluid concept as well. However, we haven’t seen a lot of the new diplomacy game.

Under the new system, if you declare war without any justification, it will create outrage among your neighbors. Funnily enough, if you can provide a valid reason for your actions, they will simply look the other way.

Stay tuned for more updates on Civilization 6!