The Legend of Zelda Wii U Faces a Delay and an Unimpressive E3 Could Mean Deep Trouble for Nintendo, More Details

Look anywhere online and you’ll probably come across news on Legend of Zelda. There are several articles which have touched upon the highly popular title and the present reports have made long-time players and fans go through a series of emotions.

Right now, the speculations and options range from deeply exasperating to highly exciting. The Legend of Zelda was released around 30 years ago and is a revolutionary action-adventure game that was developed by Nintendo.

The game surrounds Link as he goes on different adventures and most of them involve saving the Princess Zelda. The first game was released in 1986 and after that the game achieved cult status and gave birth to seventeen official releases. The latest version of Legend of Zelda was announced in 2013 and reports indicated that Nintendo was planning to release this title on their Wii U, which delighted the series’ followers and fans.

Sadly, the game’s producer Eji Aonuma revealed that fans will have to wait a little while longer for the new version. He said,” “Our priority is to make it the most complete and ultimate Zelda game. I hope to use the added time to make The Legend of Zelda for Wii U into a game that will reward you for your patience…”

This is surely a devastating piece of news for Zelda fans but on a cheerful note, it seems like fans will get to see a lot more of this upcoming title, this year. Nintendo of America declared on Twitter that Legend of Zelda will be one of the games to be played in Nintendo World Championships.

The event has been 25 years in the making and the last one debuted back in 1990. It is one of the most highly anticipated ones, scheduled for the upcoming 2015 E3 on 14th June, 3PM. The upcoming installment of Legend of Zelda will release early on 2017. Meanwhile, other games from the Nintendo World Championships are yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Wii U is in a tough situation and none of the upcoming games to be released on this console, is good enough to save it. The biggest blow to the Nintendo Wii U was when the company declared that Legend of Zelda will be delayed.For all this time, the Nintendo fans have been deeply wondering as to what the developers can achieve with the Wii U for Legend of Zelda.