Mortal Kombat X: DLC Used to Fund eSports Events by Warner Bros, And More

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment are working on increasing the engagement and awareness level of the fighting game community tournament scene.

There are many crafty ways through which they are trying to do it. For example, when you purchase the Blue Steel Sub-Zero skin DLC for Mortal Kombat X, it is contributed to a prize of pool of upcoming tournaments like the EVO and ESL events scheduled in July.

A recent press release declares, “With a month remaining before the July 11 ESL Mortal Kombat X Worldwide Competitive Program finals, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is doubling its commitment to the prize pool and raising it to $100,000 USD. “

Concerning Mortal Kombat X’s participation at EVO, Warner Bros. has already committed to $50,000 towards it. They have also planned to provide sponsorship funds towards the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League after they pledged funds to the Combo Breaker event which took place at May this year.

They did the same with the MCM Comic Con invitational that rolled out recently at the end of last month in UK. Meanwhile, there is another event on Warner Bros. sponsorship list. It is a major CEO event that is scheduled to take place from June 26th to June 28th in Orlando, FL. Here, Mortal Kombat X will make an appearance along with a number of high-profile games of the fighting genre.

The Sub Zero skin goes for a mere $1.99 and it is interesting to note that the money gamers devote to the coffers of Warner Bros. is not simply profit. It is actually being used to promote growth and bring awareness back into the fighting game community along with the eSports scene.

If your thoughts are on growth, then this is the best possible way to go about it. According to, expectations suggest that will keep growing in a year-over-year viewership by a gigantic 27%. Hence, it makes sense that Warner Bros. would see a stealthy opportunity to cash in on a growing audience.

According to an investigation concerning 16 countries, the eSports viewer numbers have increased by 6 percent since the last conducted similar research. A more interesting report reveals that the group of occasional viewers reveals a slight decline with the number of Enthusiasts rising by 31 percent. It ultimately leads to a migration of casual to engaged gamers which leads to an overall increase in the intensity of eSports management.

The entire report is in accordance to a Newzoo market research report regarding the growth and revenue sustainability in the electronic sports sector. According to them, the complete eSports scene will generate about $71 million in prize money this year. This was made possible thanks to the initiative and efforts generated by companies like Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.