Apple iOS 9, Apple TV, OS X 10.11 and More Expected at WWDC Keynote Presentation 2015, More Details

Presently, Apple is gearing up for its Annual Worldwide Developers Conference which will start with a keynote presentation next Monday. The company will announce a number of new products with this presentation. This will include the next generations of its OS X and IOS platforms, including an all-new Apple TV set-top box.

An updated report from The New York Times reveals that Apple is not ready to release Apple TV hardware at WWDC. The last year’s September unveiling of the Apple Watch was highly anticipated even though the design and hardware specifications remained in mystery.

At the same time, this could also be said for the Apple TV. It will see a major hardware upgrade, equipped with an Apple A8 processor that is dedicated to App Store and Siri Voice Controls. Reports indicate that the Apple TV remote will also be upgraded with a new touch pad for input. The unknown part of these developments is how these devices will look in design. For instance, it’s not yet clear whether the Apple TV will feature the same miniature puck shape of the last two generations.

It is not clear whether Apple will include a new form factor for its set-top streamer. Furthermore, equipped with Siri Support, it’s not known whether Apple might integrate microphones in order to hear a user’s voice. Further rumors suggest that the company will include audio input through the box itself. It might also feature a connected accessory like Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect with integration into the remote control like Amazon Fire TV.

If the upcoming Apple TV features a new hardware along with a new App Store, it will most likely include a redesign of the Apple TV interface as well. With new added features, Apple will most likely make it easier to launch games and applications and being able to quickly discover them through the App Store.

Meanwhile, Apple has already declared in its WWDC announcement that it will unveil the next generation versions of the OS X and the IOS. Reports indicate that there will be new point zero releases called iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, reported to arrive this fall. Both these systems have received major visual upgrades in recent years. Hence, it is highly unlikely that there will be any changes in this front.Furthermore, the latest iOS 8 betas already show a redesigned Music App and this will definitely be a part of iOS 9 with a new subscription music service.