Apple iOS 9, Apple TV, OS X 10.11 and More Expected at WWDC Keynote Presentation 2015, More Details

In the future, we could also notice tighter integration between Apple Platforms which includes the Apple Watch. Over the last few years, Apple has worked hard to make it various operating systems work together as seamlessly as possible.

This year’s upgrade will be a further step in that direction. At the same time, Apple’s mapping service on both iOS and OS X will be upgraded this year. Apple Maps are notorious for their lack in public transit data even though Apple has included a lot of developments in this area.

As a result, the inclusion of transit data will not come as a surprise.  Also, there have been acquisitions related to indoor positioning and this hints that Apple could add location data and maps for the interior of buildings, malls and stores.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iOS 9!