The Last of Us 2 Stalled for Uncharted 4, Developers to Start Work Soon, Prototype Under Development!

Fans of Naughty Dog games are hoping that the developers incorporate some of the winning points from Uncharted 4 into The Last of Us 2. For starters, the players want Naughty Dog to incorporate the same visualization that they use for Uncharted 4. The facial animation and the stunning scenes along with the amazing gameplay makes the game popular.

The other thing that fans want Naughty Dog to include in The Last of Us 2 is the open space within the game. This gives the players different option; they can pick up whichever path they want, whether they want to proceed on a jeep or stealthy move into an enemy zone.

The feature of the jeep in the gameplay has interested a lot of players and they are looking forward to The Last of Us 2 incorporating this feature in the latest gameplay. The jeep is going to be very interesting since it will provide the player with some variety.

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