Update for Apple iOS 9.3 Jailbreak, Reports Point Towards an Impending Release!

Jailbreak developers and Apple continue to have the cat and mouse chase while the users are deprived of a properly jailbroken iOS. Most of the famous jailbreak teams have decided to skip developing the jailbreak for iOS 9.2 in favor of iOS 9.3.

Most jailbreak users were expecting to hear about the results soon enough and from the looks of it, good news is probably around the corner. The latest reports indicate that TaiG and Pangu have been making a lot of progress in this aspect. The public version should be ready soon and will be released with their tools in the near future.

The exact date of release is yet to be specified but people are expecting that there will be a new release in a couple of months if things keep moving at the present speed. Further rumors indicate that jailbreak teams have found how developing a jailbreak for 9.3 will be easier.

The jailbreaking potential is high in this version of the iOS, compared to the tightly locked-down iOS 9.2. At the moment, it is not clear whether Apple decided to purposely drop some layers of protection between both these versions or if this was actually prior to oversight. However, this seems like good news for the people who wish to unlock the full potential of the iOS.

According to the reports, Pangu may have actually been successful in releasing a jailbreak tool for iOS 9.1. As a result, users who wish to keep their devices jailbroken should disregard any upgrades available for iOS.At the same time, it is not

At the same time, it is not necessarily a great idea to start using the tool as soon as it is released and instead, you should wait for some time more, in case you see major issues crop up.

In the meantime, jailbreaking has always been a rather tricky situation and users are advised to remain agile when using these tools on their devices. There are further incidents which report that malicious software could be used as jailbreak programs and some of these programs have the ability of seriously damage the security of your device.

Furthermore, this has added a lot of fuel to the already boiling controversy. According to Apple, people should strictly stay away from any jailbreak tool for their own good. People initially saw them as false threats while recent events have started to focus them on a different light.

Meanwhile, Apple might keep their security tight but this has proved to be quite successful in certain cases. This was seen during the recently popular media incident involving the San Bernardino shooter. According to some experts, the situation hasn’t been properly presented by the media.

Eventually, the FBI was able to gain access to the shooter’s device. As a result, some people were convinced that this was more about setting a legal precedent instead of an overly secure operating system.Keeping that in mind, most users don’t prefer that Apple take down the security measures for iOS anytime soon, no matter how the community and several experts keep requesting.

Keeping that in mind, most users don’t prefer that Apple take down the security measures for iOS anytime soon, no matter how the community and several experts keep requesting.

According to reports, Apple recently released the iOS 9.3.2 update for software developers. Keep in mind that this will be the third iOS 9.3.2 beta update and it will not come with any changes or major improvements. At the same time, it comes with a lot of system alterations along with updates which make the security tighter and things are more difficult to break for jailbreakers.

The latest update prevents the phone to enter Night Shift in Low Power mode. This makes sure that Apple users can use their device properly during low-light conditions without putting more pressure on the battery power.