Blackroom Kickstarter Pulled By Doom Creator within Four Days, Old Doom Levels and Textures Present As Easter Eggs in the New Doom!

The Blackroom Kickstarter has been pulled by the Doom creators after just 4 days.  John Romero and Adrian Carmack, the makers of Doom and Quake developer iD Software, recently decided to pull the plug on their latest Kickstarter Project.

The pair decided to hit pause on their venture after the Blackroom campaign had already been running for four days. According to them, a gameplay demo needs to be created first.

This has been done so that their newly, rebooted campaign can abide with Kickstarter’s own rules and this requires explicit demos of working prototypes for any suggested physical conduct.

According to the makers, completing an early level of Blackroom will take more time compared to the current campaign and this is why they have decided to end it in a premature manner. Carmack and Romero believe that it is the right choice and according to them, the gamers know that too.

Both of them worked on two famous first-person shooter titles in the past and the latest Blackroom was introduced as a visceral, violent and varied shooter. Meanwhile, the Kickstarter came with some early concept art but other than that, it was Romero and Carmack who explained what it was all about.

As the protagonist, you will take on the role of Santiago Sonore, who is an engineer at a fictional company called Hoxar. This firm will develop a technology in the future which has the ability to create ultra-realistic holographic worlds. Once the simulation starts to mesh with the reality, Sonore needs to investigate and decimate extremely horrific aberrations.

Romero and Carnack declared that they will suspend the campaign but it is not technically possible on Kickstarter. As a result, they will need to start with a completely new campaign once the initial gameplay demo has been completed.

In the meantime, the developer has promised to honor the backer achievements in their next campaign. At the same time, they will be offering an additional something for the gamers that decide to carry their pledge forward.

In the meantime, iD software has been showing a lot of Doom gameplay lately. At first, people witnessed the multiplayer beta and now players are getting extensive gameplay videos of the single player experience while the release date draws near.

The game is fast, looks great and polished and at the same time, it has a ton of features and customization options which you can change according to your preference.

At the same time, there is also a very cool Easter egg available throughout the single player missions. In a recently released video, iD Software’s Hugo Martin demonstrated how each mission in the game will have the presence of a hidden lever.

When you pull the lever, a door opens somewhere else in the level and it grants access to a new area. Meanwhile, the cool thing about these areas is that they make use of original Doom level textures and at the same time, follow the original level layouts as well. Besides unlocking these areas, players will be able to unlock the full old Doom level in order to gain access and play directly from the menu.

Although the level looks like the old one, the enemies and weapons used in it are from the new Doom game. In case you don’t prefer that, you can simply choose to play some of the older Doom games on Steam.

It will be difficult to discover all the level unlocks and dedicated players will make short work of locating them all while creating a guide. Meanwhile, you don’t have to wait long before that happens since Doom is all set to release on 13th May.

You will find that most games have a very intense difficulty setting, often called the Nightmare mode. However, it seems like Doom has the hardest mode yet, the ultra-nightmare mode. The mode is in fact so difficult that it was impossible for the game creators to beat as well.