Blackroom Kickstarter Pulled By Doom Creator within Four Days, Old Doom Levels and Textures Present As Easter Eggs in the New Doom!

Doom developer iD Software admitted to IGN that no one in the company has completed the game on the Ultra-Nightmare difficulty setting. This is because of the fact that any gamer who plays in the ultra-nightmare difficulty mode is sent back to the very beginning of the game in case they die.

Sadly enough, there will be nothing to show for any progress done till that point. However, once the game comes out, speedrunners will definitely try to beat this mode in record time by exploiting certain features of the game.

At the moment, the ultra-nightmare setting remains quite unbeatable but iD Software told IGN that the employees are in a competition with each other in order to notice who advances the most in the game, with that setting.

After the beta release, Doom’s multiplayer setting received mixed reviews but you should never expect the game to have a sweeping storyline since this game is no RPG. Bethesda revealed that Doom will release on 13th May.

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