Nintendo NX Release Date Postponed to March 2017, How Will It Stack Up Against the Respective Xbox and PlayStation Upgrades? Let’s See

Nintendo NX will release on 2017 but rumors indicate that this is a delay in the release of this device from 2016. Nothing has been confirmed so far but evidence suggests that Nintendo’s next-generation device has missed its specific holiday target.

It is no surprise that most technological companies follow a certain pattern when it comes to releasing or declaring things. Same goes for Nintendo.

When concerning console releases, Nintendo has almost always made sure that they can drop the console bombs in the holiday season. A noteworthy exception to this rule is the launch of SNES which took place in the holiday season. Other than that, all the other consoles like NES, N64, GameCube, Wii and Wii U were launched as holiday gifts.

Considering that pattern, it is not possible for the NX to be revealed in March. Moreover, Nintendo is generally followed by a younger crowd due to which this date sounds more unrealistic. Keeping in mind Nintendo’s fiscal calendar, a March release date for the Nintendo NX is absurd. From what we know, the financial year of this company ends on March.

Considering that, adding a new console right at its end, doesn’t make any sense at all. You will find that tech manufacturers usually prefer releasing a product in the fall so that by the time, the fiscal year ends, the company’s excellent sales numbers can be reported to their investors. If the NX releases in 2017, this won’t happen.

It will not be possible for the company to measure this new system’s overall success. On top of that, the latest reports indicate that 2016 was going to be a really bad year. There have been drops in stock prices resulting in a further drop in faith.

The people sitting at the company’s higher levels would have preferred that the NX bolster the poor 2016 stats of Nintendo. A teaser for The Legend of Zelda Wii U was teased during the Nintendo Direct Event in November last year and it was done to make sure that the game’s 2016 release date was further confirmed by the company.

Now, however, we know that Nintendo NX won’t hit the shelves until March next year. This tells us that the console has been delayed for some particular reason. Tatsumi Kimishima, the Nintendo President said this week that Legend of Zelda Wii U was developed in tandem with the Nintendo NX. Considering that scenario, the Wii U was supposed to release in November along with the NX.

Kimishima further admitted at the investors meeting this week that “targeting the shopping season when releasing hardware is important, but having enough software is more important.” This ends up confirming the reason behind the March 2017 release of the Nintendo NX. The games for Nintendo NX are just not ready to release yet.

Therefore, Kimishima purposely delayed the launch of this device even when the hardware was completely ready. By doing this, creators were given more time to develop sufficient content for this upcoming console. Moreover, it is a common practice for companies to do something like this.

The spring release of Sony’s PlayStation VR was purposely delayed so that its software lineup was in order. Gamers have been highly critical about Nintendo’s software output in particular. Essentially, the same thing is happening here.

Meanwhile, you can check out the new video where Allegra Frank of Polygon is joined by Paul Miller in order to talk about the upcoming Nintendo NX console.

According to The Verge, you will notice some audio problems in the beginning but the video provides a rather insightful commentary from two of the internet’s brightest stars.

In the meantime, with news of a new Nintendo console releasing next year, the console war is heating up. In the beginning, the next console war was anticipated to be a fight between the upcoming Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 consoles but by the time they are released, there will be some new machines in the market as well, further stepping up the competition.