The IRT Heads to Mexico in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Garrett Faces a Dilemma, And More

The International Response Team is able to save Ryan’s life and Clara plays a very important role in it. She talks to the UnSub about losing her husband and makes him keep his gun down.

This is a very new aspect in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. Viewers of Criminal Minds might have seen this tactic being involved, but it has never been shown on Beyond Borders before.

The upcoming episode will see the Chief’s wife, Karen (Sherry Stringfield), son Ryan and daughter Josie. Ryan is thinking of joining the FBI after college and this placed Garrett in a dilemma. He knows the dark world within the FBI and at the same time he doesn’t want to discourage Ryan from pursuing his dream.

This turn in events will help Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders break away from the stereotype created by crime dramas. Sinise had talked about wanting to play a role where they not only fight the darkness on the other side, but also on the side they are fighting for. Beyond Borders has already been criticized for stereotyping a lot of things and Inquisitr reported that Sinise hopes it can break away from the image.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ finale is right around the corner and the show is expected to get darker.

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