The IRT Heads to Mexico in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Garrett Faces a Dilemma, And More

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders did have a slow start as compared to the original series, but it is picking up more and more viewers with every passing episode. The International Response Team has been solving crimes all over the world and they have so far shown some interesting situations.

Christian Post has reported that the last episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, will show the International Response Team heading to Mexico for their new case. The episode titled, De Los Inocentes, saw the IRT being asked to intervene when a woman is murdered while vacationing in Mexico. The murder doesn’t look to be a clean one and there are traces of some foul play involved.

Jack Garrett (Gary Sinise) is shown briefing the IRT in the trailer and he informs them that an American family has been targeted in Mexico, which is followed by images of dead bodies. The next scene shows a mother and her two children sun-bathing, but the fun doesn’t continue for a long time since the mother is soon murdered by a mysterious man.

Clara (Alana De La Garza) is shown stating that the UnSub hadn’t murdered the mother for being upset with her. He had committed the crime, since he wanted to get rid of his guilt and hence ended up killing the American woman.

The IRT will hold the husband as the prime suspect in the murder since he fled from the scene and has been untraceable since then. The trailer for Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders shows the woman waking up after hearing some noises in the middle of the night. She, however, realizes that it wasn’t made by her children or from her husband.

However, Jessica is soon caught by a mystery man, who comes from the back and forces her out of the rented villa where she and her family were staying during the course of their vacation. She ended being washed up on the shore, a few miles away from the resort.

The IRT finds it a little hard to believe that a husband and a father could sleep through all the noise created by Jessica while she was being abducted and this places the husband under their scrutiny.

IRT initially feels that Daniel, the husband, is guilty, but then they realize that it isn’t so. However, the Mexican police isn’t very happy to have the FBI on their soil and is adamant to prove Daniel as the murderer. Garrett and his team are on the clock to figure out who the UnSub is, if it isn’t Daniel.

While talking to Ryan, the son of the murderer, Clara realizes that the man who Ryan had seen holding the cross was the actual murderer. Daniel hadn’t heard his wife struggling since he wasn’t even at home at that time and Jessica ended up being killed because she tried to stop the UnSub from killing her son.

The UnSub, Rafael has been killing all male children who resembled his son. His son had been killed after the wall of a church collapsed. While the other boy survives the accident, Rafael’s son dies.

Rafael felt cheated and hence went about killing boys who resembled his son. The Mexicans believed that if someone is murdered on the Day of the Innocents then the messiah isn’t going to take the throne. Rafael wanted to kill someone on the festival so that he could stop God, who hadn’t saved his son, from taking charge of the world.