The Fosters Season 3: Callie and Brandon Work Past Their Awkwardness, Monte Plans to Resign!

Monte and Lena had an awkward moment recently. Monte is the principal at the Anchor Beach Community Charter School where Lena also worked.

The two celebrate the grant that they get from the Kilfer Foundation with a bottle of wine. Suddenly Monte makes a move towards Lena and she is surprised, but she responds to the kiss for a while and ends it.

Lena tells Stef about the moment she had with Monte. Monte decides to resign from the school since Stef knows about the moment and also because it won’t be right on her part to work in the same school where Lena and Stef’s children are studying.

Stef, Lena and Monte try to be very mature about the whole issue and they decide that they will not let their past get in the way of their professional life and hence decide to work past the awkwardness.

Stef gets her mammogram result and they decide to go for a second opinion to confirm the result. Stef isn’t interested in it. After the second result also comes positive, she gives up, but her mother gets her medical files and sends them to another doctor for a third opinion.

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