Halo 5: Guardians: ESPN Airing Halo’s Competition, Infinity Armory DLC Released, Game Currently Up for Grabs at a Discounted Price in the UK!

ESPN X Games and Xbox are working in collaboration to broadcast the fifth edition of Halo game which begun on January 28 and will continue till January 31. Halo 5 Guardians has headed to Aspen for the X Games of the current year.

The Halo competition is a part of the Halo World Championship Tour but it will have no effect on the rankings of the championships. A total of eight Halo 5: Guardians teams are taking on each other in the competition and the winner will be awarded with a prize money of $30,000.

Various other games have previously aired on ESPN networks but this is the first instance that various aspects of a Halo Competition are being broadcasted by the channel. Viewers can watch the matches of the competition on various streaming destinations which include WatchESPN, MLG and Twitch.

the Halo competition has been designed as a single-elimination bracket style tournament. However, it should be noted that competing in the tournament will not alter the points and placement table of the Halo World Championship.

Bonnie Ross, the head of 343 Industries is of the opinion that the Halo World Championship Tour’s teaming up with X Games and ESPN will definitely be beneficial for the game itself.

It will help in the growth of Halo e-sports by enabling the developers to host live events and competitions for players from all over the world and telecasting of the competition on ESPN networks will help it to gain more amount of exposure.

Kiki Wolfkill, head of Halo interactive entertainment at 343 Industries recently stated in an interview that working in collaboration with ESPN will be of major help when it comes to legitimizing of this kind of competitions. He further added that the exposure the game is getting through X Games will benefit the franchise in the long run.

In other news, the long awaited Infinity Armory DLC pack for the game has been finally released by the developers. The expansion pack has been released as a free to download content and it brings forth a host of new weapons, armors and two remixed maps.

The two maps that came with the update are Riptide and Urban. The developers have remixed two of the existing maps of the game to create these two new maps. The maps in question are Fathom whose remixed edition is Riptide and Battle of Noctus which has been remixed to create the Urban.

Riptide will consist of a lot of winding routes, bridges, sand and steel whereas the Urban will feature a central base surrounded by high platforms for the purpose of sniping. Riptide will be available in the Arena mode and Urban is a Warzone Assault map.

A set of two brand new assassination techniques will also be added to the game through the update and they are- Wind Up and Stop Stabbing Yourself.

One of the most popular inclusions of the expansion pack is the Halo 2 Battle Rifle. This weapon will become unlockable in the Forge Mode after the application of the update. It will be featured as a Mythic loadout weapon.

Apart from this, some brand new Carbine REQs are going to be added to the game through the DLC. Players will also find a number of new skins added through the update for various weapons.

The Greek armor themed Achilles Armor Set is also coming to the game via the expansion pack. The set comprises of the Achilles Armor itself and also the Achilles Helmet. This armor set can be unlocked by payers by Kill Commendations.

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