Lindsay Lohan: Disses Mother, Hung Up On Sam Ronson, Racially Abuses Bartender!

Lindsay Lohan isn’t very close to her family and she has recently come out in the open to reveal mixed feelings about her mother, Dina Lohan. She has for years made a lot of negative comments about her mother and the two had moved apart.

Recently Lindsay Lohan shared a post Instagram where she dissed her mother saying that it is sad when someone’s mother isn’t there to be with them.

She later deleted that post and shared another post with an old photo of her mother and her siblings and captioned with as an earnest plea for her to come and visit. It looks like Lindsay Lohan is trying to make things work out between her and her mother.

Lindsay Lohan isn’t close to her father, Michael Lohan, but she has always had an amicable relationship with her mother despite that one instance where they had a major altercation and the cops had to be called in at their Long Island home. The main cause for the fight was that Dina Lohan was allegedly trying to sell her daughter’s things.

The two had been posting photos from the past and had been quite normal and amicable on the social media. Dina Lohan posted a photo of Lindsay Lohan with her natural red locks and asked her to be true to herself. This was followed by Lohan with a selfie which she captioned with the fact that she missed her mother.

According to Us Magazine, Fox News was sued by the mother daughter duo when it released a report stating that the two of them did cocaine together. This statement was made in February 2015 and Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina Lohan attacked Fox News.

Fox Immediately responded stating that they have apologized for the statement and said that they were shocked that the pair would ask for compensation after a year from when the statement was made.

Fox News said that the statement was made two years ago and when they filed the case last year, Fox deleted the recording from their archive and even apologized for the same on air.

However, the Lohans weren’t happy with just that and they demanded money for the same. Fox said that they have no issues, but they feel surprised that they would do all this almost two years after the incident had taken place.

Lindsay Lohan has  tendency was making a lot of bizarre mistakes after being drunk or intoxicated and it looks like she has done another boo-boo. Radar Online reported that the actress called up her ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson after getting drunk and tried to patch things with her.

Lindsay Lohan knows that Sam Ronson is now in a committed relationship artist Lauren Anderson. The actor had a turbulent relationship with Sam Ronson with numerous nasty fights and break ups.

Lindsay Lohan supposedly hasn’t been able to get over Sam Ronson and feels that they are soul mates and meant to be together. Lindsay Lohan refuses to understand that she Sam is with someone else now and happily so.

Sam Ronson had tried to be gentle with Lindsay Lohan and was trying to make her see sense, but when things are getting out of hand, she has decided to step in and take drastic measures. The DJ hadn’t yet blocked her number, but Lindsay Lohan doesn’t seem to understand the gentle ways and Sam has no option but to become strict.