Lindsay Lohan: Disses Mother, Hung Up On Sam Ronson, Racially Abuses Bartender!

Lindsay Lohan had started a whirlwind 2016. Even before the New Year could be welcomes properly, Lindsay Lohan went ahead and racially abused the bartender at V Bar. She was there with her sister Ali and they had locked themselves up in the washroom.

When the bartender was called to ask them to come out, Lindsay Lohan lost it and started racially abusing him and asked him to leave New York and go to Ghana. They were thrown out of the bar, but they came back and kept banging on the windows with their fist and then sent a friend of theirs to beat up the bartender.

By-standers said that both Lindsay Lohan and her sister looked like they were under the influence of substance and had a glassy look in their eyes. The bartender didn’t press any charges against her and said that all he wanted was for them to leave.

Lindsay Lohan had recently been on a holiday in Costa Rica and shared innumerable photos from the trip. She seemed to have taken the friend with an unknown friend and the two had a gala time.

The identity of the male companion had shared a lot of interest on the social media, but Lindsay Lohan has kept mum about it. She shared photos of taking a mud pack and also swinging by the side of a water fall.

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