The Fosters Season 3: Callie and Brandon Work Past Their Awkwardness, Monte Plans to Resign!

Things in The Fosters Season 3 have become very dramatic ever since the show came back with the midseason premiere. Things were looking a bit slow before the hiatus, but the way the storyline has been developed; it looks like things are going to take an interesting turn before the season finale.

Callie (Maia Mitchell) has decided to go ahead and work on her app and she comes across Justina (Kelli Williams), who is interested in working with her on the app. However, Justina doesn’t seem to be in the whole process because she is interested in it, it looks like she has an ulterior motif. The viewers see two instances where Justina plainly lies to Callie.

Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) decides to make Justina the administrator of Callie’s Fost and Found website. That same night, Callie receives a message from someone about her having had sex with Brandon. There is a general feeling among the viewers that Justina’s presence is responsible for this.

Things will Callie and Brandon (David Lambert) have become very awkward. The two are very weird in each other’s company in presence of others. However, things are good when they are together and they are more open to each other now than what they used to be previously.

Brandon is hiding something else from the family. He had recently performed at the Disney Hall and had attracted the attention of a noted professor from Julliard’s.

Brandon is asked to go for an audition in front of the board of Julliard, but he decides to not go that since his family isn’t going to be able to afford it. He confesses this to his grandmother, who ends up spilling the beans to Stef and Lena.

Callie decides to be a good sister and asks Brandon to go for the audition. She convinces him to at least see where things fall and then decide instead of simply backing out. Brandon on his part had been tries to return Callie’s favor and asks how AJ has been.

Brandon has been initially very jealous of Callie and AJ’s relationship, but it looks like he is now trying to make things work.

Brandon even asks AJ to date Callie. AJ asks Callie to go to the comic convention with him and she readily agrees. Brandon on the other hand flirts with a bartender Courtney while at the family dinner.

AJ goes on a date with Callie, but things don’t turn out that well. Ty soon joins them and he thinks that the police are onto him. It is suspected that it was Ty who hit Anna and the twins.

Ty confesses this to AJ and asks him to come with him or he might never seem him again. In a moment of decision, AJ abandons Callie and heads with Ty.

It was Mike who had had a feeling. He had taken Ty’s pen from AJ and had run it at the forensic lab. In the meanwhile, AJ and Ty lost their grandmother, who was the only family that they had. Therefore, he asks the lab to throw away the results and doesn’t do anything about it.

Things, however, get messed up since the lab results were sent to Stef. Stef doesn’t know why the results were sent to her. She has been Mike’s partner for a very long time and the lab naturally thought that she would be in on the case that Mike was working on.

Stef feels hurt when she finds the results on her table and she is disappointed at the fact that Mike didn’t let her in on the secret that he had been digging.