The Flash Season 2: Flash to Meet Trajectory, Iris Makes a Risky Move, Flash Not Fast Enough to Save Her!

The upcoming episode of The Flash Season 2 also shows Iris worried about Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale). He has started drag racing and she is worried about the safety of her brother. The two haven’t been getting along in the past, but things are changing and Iris is determined to make Wally stop playing with his life.

Wally and Iris get along when he asks her to come with him to meet their mother (Vanessa Williams). Iris speaks to Wally and asks him to stop his reckless behavior, but Wally refuses to pay heed to his sister’s plea.

Wally doesn’t stop his reckless behavior and Iris decides to do something to make him notice. She places herself in jeopardy, but Flash rescues her, however, he is a little late since a shard of glass stabs her chest. Barry is heard saying that he wasn’t fast enough to save her.

The upcoming season will show the dynamic between Barry Allen and the West now that both of them have been introduced. The promos hint at the fact that Wally is going to be the newest member of Team Flash, but there’s time for that.

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